Hbomb (hbombdmg) wrote in dmgice,

Program Notes: November and Beyond

Well, the November is pretty much as it says on the site, with one exception. I was only able to stretch the DMG Files storyline to 3 more strips, so the last Saturday of the month is a bonus Bomb Family Vacation.

The December schedule is coming together nicely, with probable returns of Rainy Day Comics, Jessica, 47 Meatballs, Jerry Little, and At Freak Show and a holiday storyline of Adventures in Hbombland. And as a special treat, there will be a bonus comic each week, which will update daily during that week. Confirmed bonus comics include "The Bomb Family Vacartion" and a special preview week of Chris Read's "Bill & George".

Oh, and January will bring us the return of "The Hbomb Show" as well as 6 days a week of "Bill & George".

That's it for now.

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