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More on scheduling and stuff

The February schedule is starting to come together. Chris has already sent me "Cockroach Man" for February and has pledged at least one more comic. February will also mark the end of Jerry Little... at least until Nick does some more, if Nick ever does some more.

As for me, I know I had promised new DMG Files and Hbomb Show for January. In trying to come up with new ideas for HBS, I wound up revisiting some of the reasons I ended the strip in the first place. I'm not going to say "never", but I will say "probably never" to new HBS strips. As for DMG Files, I had a basic beginning in mind for the beginning of a storyline, but I don't know where to go from there. I'm not sure I like how the strip has evolved. The comic had gotten too in-jokey, and with the fall of the DMGice boards and chat, my cast dwindled. I have gotten positive feedback on the long arc format, but I tend to drag things on too long and rushing endings because I can't artistically do what I want to do. Fortunately, I did start a storyline of HBNC that I had been waiting to use. I was still stuck on the poker/Pig storyline when I came up with it.

So, in short, "The Hbomb Show" is dead and "DMG Files" is almost there. I do think I have spread myself too thin. My goal is to stick with one storyline comic (HBNC right now, but I may cycle in AiH, Bomb Family, or DMG Files (if you're lucky) when I finish the storyline) and stick with it to the end of the storyline. As it's needed, I'll also do one self-contained comic (like HaND or Hbomb vs. the System). I'm not going to attempt a "Month of a Million Hbombs" or anything like that. There are times I do doubt my abilities, but I am glad that I can help show off the talents of other artists.

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