We're back!

Snowflake Studios is back in business, effictive immediately!

Jessica and 47 Meatballs are back in their standard Sunday and Thursday spots, as well as a bonus strips on Tuesday the 7th (Jessica) and Tuesday the 14th (47MB). Rainy Day Man cooked us up a special this month, and it will run... well pretty much when I don't have something from Chris. (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/last 2 Tuesdays).

Still working on stuff for November.


From the Static

As you can probably tell, my biggest inspiration for FTS is Nick Doggendorf's "Sketchbook". I just find it a way to get out my feelings and frustrations. Oh, and Nick, if you see this, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ...besides, I promise, I'll never rip off "SUITs" or "Jerry Little"... not that I could...</a>


Well, Chris is getting me 3 comics a week, and I'm hoping to come up with 4. Bonus Jessica tomorrow (Monday). From the Static debuts Wednesday. 47 Meatballs returns on June 26. I still haven't decided what to fill Saturday with. I guess we'll wait and see.

BTW, for those who were contemplating Snowflake's demise... I just renewed hosting for the year! We're not going anywhere.

Oh, and if you haven't yet, go check out It's not dead either!

We're back!

After a month off, we're back with a M-F lineup. I'm hopeful we can get weekends back in May, but I think we've got a good solid lineup:

Mon: Jessica
Tue: TBD Hbomb or Scarlet, PI
Wed: Rainy Day Comics
Thu: 47 Meatballs
Fri: TBD Hbomb

That's it for now. Thank you for bearing with us.

Oh, and BTW, I renewed the domain for another year, so it looks like we're sticking around!


You've probably noticed by now that updates have been sporadic. With the exception of the comics I've recieved from Chris (which will continue to run Sundays and Thursdays), we're taking the month off. My heart just hasn't been in it lately, and I don't think I'm alone in that.

My goal is to come back in April refreshed and replentished. Until then, I hope you enjoy "Jessica" and "47 Meatballs", and be sure to check out The Nolans and World of Fizz for more comic enjoyment.


Have a Nice Day 1/31: A True Story

This comic is simple- headline and reaction. Yeah, when I saw the headline, I thought just about what Smiley says in the second panel.

But seriously, daytime talk doesn't get much attention anymore, except for the Ellens and Oprahs and Dr. Phils. Pretty much all Maury does anymore is paternity tests, and you never hear about Springer anymore. I had no clue Montel was still on the air. Anyway, congrats to a good run.

At least Rosie's off the air. :)


Better late than never

To anyone seeing this on Friday: I uploaded HaND late, so be sure to check out yesterday's comic.

To those seeing this today (Thursday): I'm sorry I forgot a comic, and I would've just let it slde if not for this story coming out.

Oh, and Jessica, you can be my Yoko Romo. :)