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This community was created by dnukem170 and is maintained by dnukem170 and hbombdmg

This is the community page for the website known as DMG Ice, a website about the legendary GameBoy. However, this community is also for Suki Nihon, an animation review site; Snowflake Studios, an online comic site and DMG Ice's first spin-off; and Squishy Tales, another DMGice comic spin-off. Now it's time for the rules:

1) No Spamming. That goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. And by spamming, I mean old board spamming. Random insanity stuff is OK, to a limit. Basically, anything you can get away with on the sites (besides DaMaGed Ice) is OK here.

2) Try to keep your topics limited to anything covered by Suki Nihon, DMG Ice, and Snowflake Studios/Squishy Tales. However, talk doesn't have to be limited to the sites themselves. (In other words, you can talk about animation, webcomics or GameBoy without mentioning Suki Nihon or DMG Ice.)

3) Don't ask for LiveJournal codes, there's a separate community for that.

4) You have been infected by a Random Blue Virii. The only cure is to post in this community.